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I wonder what she’s saying?

I wonder what she’s saying?

Geese can be quite comical not to mention fun to photograph.  They can be, to say the least, grouchy.  I wish I could understand them….what does all the “honking” really mean? For instance is the one with the attitude the goose or the gander (my guess is goose, but I’m biased)?  Is there a reason Mr. Goose happens to look rather sheepish?  Was he out late at the local “Watering Hole”?   Did he “goose” another goose? He evidently did something to “ruffle some feathers”…. I guess we’ll never know but it sure is fun to speculate.



Did you know?

  • There are seven subspecies of Canada geese.
  • The giant Canada goose (maxima) subspecies is the most common in Illinois, and is a year round resident.
  • Canada geese fly in a V-shape formation because flying this way reduces wind resistance and helps the geese to conserve energy.
  • Canada geese mate for life but will re-mate if one of the pair dies.



Canada geese are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day. They spend much of their day grazing and foraging for food either on land or in the water. Canada geese are highly social birds. While nesting, a pair will be somewhat solitary though several pairs may use the same area for breeding and raising young. During the breeding season, males may be aggressive towards humans and other animals if they come too close to the nest site or try to approach the goslings. In the fall, large flocks of multiple Canada goose families gather together for the southward migration to the wintering grounds.




Old Mill

I came across this interesting looking old mill while in Tennessee a whileback, so I jumped out of the car with camera and tripod in hand, and took a bunch of pictures at varying exposures. They apparently use chickens rather than dogs to guard old mills down there in the South, cause there was one very close by throwing what can only be described as a major hissy the whole time I was snapping pictures. As it circled me, its clucking reaching a volume scarcely heard before ( or since for that matter) I started to imagine FogHorn LegHorn rushing from the bushes to clobber me with a wooden mallet. Once finished I ran for my life back to my car! Both are composites images combined in Adobe Photoshop CS5

HDR image of old mill


B&W HDR image of Dunns Mill