Old Time Bridge

Here are a few HDR images of an old bridge I took recently.  I was at the beginning of a late afternoon photo “jaunt” out around the area where I live which was highlighted by me slipping in the mud under the bridge, nearly dislocating my shoulder and sliding precariously down the bank, camera and tripod in hand, nearly into the water.  Needless to say my backside, coat and shoes were caked with mud.  Even though I felt a bit foolish and jumped up as quick as I could to see if anyone had observed my acrobatics, I did not let it deter me from the rest of the day doing what I love…taking pictures ( mud and all)! Hope you enjoy them. Click on the images to view larger.  Leave a comment and tell me which one you like best. 

DSC_4510_1_2 by Christopher L. Nelson. DSC_4510_1_2-2 by Christopher L. Nelson.

DSC_4507_8_9 by Christopher L. Nelson.