Blackburn Fork road from a different perspective.


The scenic road of my previous post looks pretty good going the opposite direction. If you consistently travel a favorite route in search of a subject to photograph, don’t forget to occasionally reverse directions. A change in perspective can look surprisingly different even though it might feel like the same old thing.

Blackburn Fork Road

Blackburn Fork Road, Jackson Co. Tennessee

Blackburn Fork road runs along a portion of Blackburn Fork River. ¬†Located on the Highland Rim in the Upper Cumberland Plateau, Blackburn Fork river is a tributary of the Roaring River originating near¬†Cookeville, Tennessee. The rivers most significant geological, scenic and recreational feature is Cummins Falls which is the eighth largest waterfall in Tennessee and is located within Cummins Falls State Park. Smallmouth Bass are a favorite catch for anglers who wade the river or fish from it’s rocky banks.