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Great Egrets

The Great Egret is a fascinating bird and one I’ve never encountered until just recently. When I was out taking photographs last Saturday I not only saw a Great Blue Heron but 3 great Egret.  I wasn’t able to get close enough to the Egrets for any usable photos that day but returned to the same spot today and to my surprise…6 Great Egret!  One in particular was so focused on his hunting that it let me get close enough for some decent pics despite the rain and dark overcast.  Here is a series of 8 photos taken today.  Click on the images to view larger.

DSC_6235 by Christopher L. Nelson.


DSC_6237 by Christopher L. Nelson.


After watching him in the trees for a while I left for just a bit and came back to find him down in the water hunting.

DSC_6251 by Christopher L. Nelson. DSC_6258 by Christopher L. Nelson.


It was really fun to watch this one hunt.  Standing perfectly still and then striking lightning fast.  Although at times it would kind of wobble its head and neck.  I’m learning quit a lot about them as I go.  A good resource I use is The  Cornell Lab of Ornithology @ http://www.allaboutbirds.org.

DSC_6257 by Christopher L. Nelson. DSC_6258 by Christopher L. Nelson.


DSC_6263 by Christopher L. Nelson. DSC_6266 by Christopher L. Nelson.


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