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Into the Badlands

The Badlands of South Dakota…

From the moment I saw them I was in awe! Don’t let the name fool you…the Badlands are far from bad.  The peaks and gullies, ancient rock formations and bands of color are mesmerizing and beautiful. Particularly in the golden hour of early morning and late afternoon, when soft low light throws shadows and brings the landscape to life.  During those hours the true beauty of the Park reveals itself.


Sunrise Panorama, Badlands National Park, SD.

Our trip was in early September and surprisingly the number of tourists and traffic was pretty low.  One morning I was up well before sunrise and in the park and to my delight barely saw any other people.  I felt like I had the Badlands all to myself, but for the distant howls of a pack of coyotes.

Just before sunrise along the loop road.
Just before sunrise along the loop road.


Sunset at Pinnacles Overlook






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It was a short trip, just 3 days.  A good start to many more treks to South Dakota and into the Badlands.  

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Not long ago after seeing some pretty cool pics of sunflowers, I was wishing I had a some near by to give it a try for myself.  I guess my wish came true because a few days later I came upon a huge field full of them.   Here are a few of the images I shot that day.  Each are 3 shot HDRi combined in HDR Efex Pro 2.  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! DSC_7663_HDR by . DSC_7687_HDR by . DSC_7693_HDR by .

Big Skies

These are some of my favorite images because the majority of the picture is sky, especially the ones taken in Scandinavia.  That’s one of the things I was struck by when we were over there…..the skies seemed more immence than usual!  You couldn’t help but fill most of the frame with it. When the sun permeates the clouds or reflects off of them amazing things can happen.  One of the best times to see wonderfully colorful skies are in the fleeting minutes just before and after the sun rises and sets. Be warned; however, it doesn’t last long, so be prepared!  I hope you enjoy looking….click on each image to view them larger.  Don’t forget as you’re hustling about your busy lives to slow down and look up once in awhile…you just might see a big beautiful sky you might otherwise have missed!   To receive an e-mail notification of my posts you can subscribe by entering your e-mail address on the Home page of my website.  Have a good week. 

HDR Image of Stockholm Harbor by .
HDR Image of Stockholm Harbor
Three Men and a Boat by .
“Three Men and a Boat”…. Scanned 35mm film image taken sometime around 1985 at Little field Park near Exira, Iowa
Composite Image of Windmills in Morning by Christopher L. Nelson.
Composite Image of Windmills in Morning


DSC_5113 by Christopher L. Nelson.
Big Sky over IL. Field
DSC_3021-Edit by .
About 30 minutes after the sunset over Lake Michigan
DSC_1457 by .
Just after Sunset in the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinberg
DSC_0709 by .
Sunset behind Dune Grass, northern coast of Denmark
DSC_0708 by .
Lone man atop Sand dune, northern coast of Denmark
DSC_0702 by .
Para sailing in the Big Sky over the North Sea, northern coast of Denmark
Sunset over Norwegian Sea, western coast of Norway
DSC_0639 by .
Big Sky over the Western coastline of Norway
DSC_0630 by .
Western coastline of Norway
DSC_0628 by .
Western coastline of Norway
DSC_0318 by .
Big Sky over Danish Countryside
DSC_0224 by .
Boats in Stockholm Harbor, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Sweden Harbor by .
Stockholm Sweden Harbor