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Into the Badlands

The Badlands of South Dakota…

From the moment I saw them I was in awe! Don’t let the name fool you…the Badlands are far from bad.  The peaks and gullies, ancient rock formations and bands of color are mesmerizing and beautiful. Particularly in the golden hour of early morning and late afternoon, when soft low light throws shadows and brings the landscape to life.  During those hours the true beauty of the Park reveals itself.


Sunrise Panorama, Badlands National Park, SD.

Our trip was in early September and surprisingly the number of tourists and traffic was pretty low.  One morning I was up well before sunrise and in the park and to my delight barely saw any other people.  I felt like I had the Badlands all to myself, but for the distant howls of a pack of coyotes.

Just before sunrise along the loop road.
Just before sunrise along the loop road.


Sunset at Pinnacles Overlook






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It was a short trip, just 3 days.  A good start to many more treks to South Dakota and into the Badlands.  

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Picture of Big Ben and Parliament from across the Thames

I made this image a few years back on a trip to Europe, which I might add, was great fun!  Two images combined in Photomatix Pro.  I thought it turned out pretty well considering I only used 2 images rather than the usual 3-5 and it was my first attempt at HDR imaging.  Hope you enjoy….and tell me what you think.

Parliament and Big Ben across the Thames by Christopher L. Nelson.

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