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Canadian Goose

I recently took advantage of Nik Software’s price reduction on the entire collection and am really liking it. This is the first time ever using any of Nik Software’s products and I must say I’m impressed. This photo of a Canadian Goose reflected in water  was processed with Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.  Please click on image to view larger.

DSC_6346-Edit by Christopher L. Nelson.


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Green Heron

Green Heron at waters edge


A solitary and secretive bird, the Green Heron is stocky, dark colored, and small for a heron. The adult Green Heron has a dark rufous neck, gray belly, and dark, iridescent, greenish-blue back. The upper mandible of the bill is dark, and the legs are bright orange. The juvenile has a brown-and-white streaked neck, slight crest on its dark head, and prominently light-tipped wing coverts. Yellow spectacle-shaped markings surround the eye and extend to the bridge of the bill. These markings are present, but less pronounced, in the adult.

Goslings Galore

Newborn Gosling

If you live anywhere near water that has a lot of geese you probably know that this is the time of year when the goslings are hatching. Where I live in Central IL. there are an abundance to be seen.  It’s well worth a trip to go see them, your kids will love it….guaranteed!    Just don’t get to close or you might get hissed at, chased or bitten by mom or dad.